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Is It Worth It to Invest in Digital Marketing These Days

May 4, 2022
Jess Underwood 6 min read

The digital age has led to numerous changes in the business world, primarily with how business gets conducted and brands get marketed.

Individuals and businesses that resist these changes may find themselves flailing, given that consumers are adapting and highly accepting of the internet and its many innovations.

One of these innovations is digital marketing. Many wonder if it is worth it to invest in digital marketing instead of focusing on traditional marketing. The answer is yes, especially with the many benefits that digital marketing offers.

The Benefits of Using Digital Marketing

  1. Fast Turnaround Times

Digital marketing enables businesses to interact with consumers they would not have had the chance to reach otherwise.

This fast turnaround time means that businesses can solidify their presence in the marketplace and reach out to consumers in a timely manner. In addition, the turnaround time can put them ahead of competitors that are still using traditional marketing.

  1. Extended Reach

Digital marketing is an ideal conduit for businesses looking to extend their reach, especially if they don't have the budget to advertise on other platforms.

Whether it's blogs, Instagram, or Facebook, all a business needs to do is start a digital campaign and let it run its course. Ultimately, digital marketing is an excellent way to build brand awareness and drive sales.

  1. Increased Personalisation

Digital marketing, when used correctly, can provide the ideal platform for businesses to customise their communication to include things like personalised offers, special promotions, or even a customised welcome message.

Additionally, digital marketing makes it much easier for businesses to get direct feedback from consumers and respond accordingly. This type of interaction makes it easier for consumers to engage with the brand and ultimately develop stronger brand loyalty.

  1. Cost-Effective Marketing

Digital marketing is significantly cheaper than traditional marketing. Businesses only have to budget for one platform, as opposed to traditional marketing campaigns that require them to invest in multiple platforms, such as TV, radio, print advertising, and billboards.

The digital marketing campaign can be as elaborate or simple as the business wants. It can be a brief or long-term digital campaign that can take years to build.

  1. Easy Analytics

A digital marketing campaign can provide an immense amount of data for analytics. Businesses can track clicks, website visits, follower growth, and more. 

You can use the data to determine how a campaign is performing and how to fine-tune the campaign for better results. This data can also be used to determine if a campaign is practical enough for additional investment.

  1. Better Consumer Engagement

Digital marketing offers the opportunity for businesses to communicate with their consumers in just about any way they choose - blogs, social media posts, emails, and more.

Businesses that have conducted research before launching a digital marketing campaign can better understand their target customers' preferences, interests, and needs to personalise the communication.

  1. Higher Return of Investment

You can track the number of sales you're generating per campaign and tweak the campaign to improve performance when you advertise on digital platforms. That way, you can determine which platforms work best for you and improve your return of investment (ROI) over time.

Businesses that use digital marketing can cut down on their marketing and advertising expenses. They can also eliminate as many marketing and advertising platforms as they choose, thereby cutting down their marketing and advertising expenses.


The digital era has paved the way for many innovative marketing solutions. Businesses that resist the digital age are bound to fail because of their unwillingness to change.

However, those that embrace the digital era, especially with digital marketing, can find success. If you're looking for a digital agency in Chatham that can assist with digital marketing, you have come to the right place.

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