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PPC for Home Services Companies

Apr 7, 2022
Laura Wheeler 10 Min read

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) should play a major role in any electrician, plumber, repairman or any other capacity. You face a lot of competition locally and regionally, therefore need to take a proactive approach to marketing your business if you want to thrive.

PPC is a user-friendly advertising method that lets you create your own ads for your business, bid to display them in search results for specific keywords, and encourage people to convert into leads.

It takes some time and research to get started. But once you launch a well-structured campaign, PPC can quickly become the core of your business.

 Google Ads is the largest and most influential PPC outlet in the world. Ads was created more than a decade ago, and it paved the way for PPC to become a viable advertising option for any business — large or small.

Quality Score is a measure of how trustworthy you are as an advertiser on a scale of one to 10. Quality Score is gauged by several factors, including bounce rate and relevance. High scores mean you don’t have to pay as much to advertise, and low scores mean you have to pay more.

Aside from search results, you can also create Ads that show up in Gmail and other Google properties, too. That lets you reach your audience in a variety of different ways, which moves them through the sales funnel and earns you more customers.

Another PPC outlet is Facebook Business. It’s incredibly user-friendly for advertisers and affordable, great for start ups!

Facebook is notorious for offering all of the data it collects on its users. That includes age, gender, location, job, income, hobbies, and more. So instead of targeting keywords, Facebook targets interests and demographics.

With Facebook, you choose all of the demographic factors that you want, choose from a variety of ad styles, and basically fill in the blanks. After that, you have a visually-compelling ad that performs one of many different tasks, but all of which help grow your bottom line.

Plus, you can use Facebook’s platform to advertise on Instagram since Facebook bought Instagram a few years back. Facebook then automatically fixes a bid to your ad for you to show up in the newsfeeds of the people who are included in the demographics you chose.

Facebook then runs an auction system that serves ads to users based on their bids. Higher bids mean sooner exposure, and lower bids mean later exposure.

All in all, it’s a fairly straight forward process, you’ll just need to monitor this and ensure you’re on top of any changes happening.

Beyond the auction system, you can also “boost” posts on Facebook to show up in your followers’ feeds more frequently. This helps promote engagement and clicks just like ads, but you’re promoting posts you’ve already created.

In other words, you’re doubling down on a post that’s already succeeded, in the hopes that it’ll succeed even more. It’s a really helpful system for any small business that wants to make a big impact on Facebook, but doesn’t want to spend all of their marketing budget in one place.

We know the value PPC has for local and national home services businesses like yours. With our team on your side, you can generate new leads in one of the most cost-effective ways in the world.

Do you want to get more customers? Contact us today to start a PPC strategy.