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PPC – when does it start working?

Jan 26, 2022
Laura Wheeler 7 Min Read

The answer to this question can vary, you may start to see results within three months, though if not at least within 9 months. You want your campaign to start to gather data from your ads, then you can really start to develop what is working and focus on keywords and audience targeting.

 Don’t forget, when starting a new PPC campaign it hasn’t generated data and doesn’t have any performance history, this is what can take time before you start seeing results. Once you’re advertising on different networks, such as Google and Facebook, these platforms will influence your ads depending on the quality of them, impacting how often people will see them. Your will build up to a more accurate score than what will show immediately once your ads gain more impressions and clicks.

 Ready to make a start? Here are some ways you can improve your strategy that we promote.

 As mentioned above, firstly launch your campaign with limited targeting and maximize your ad data, clicks and conversions, collect as much information as possible. Don’t restrict who you reach, start big then go small.

 Secondly, review your keywords performance. You can remove keywords with low clicks, ensure there are no negative keywords attracting people outside your target audience. Find out which devices are mostly being used and improve this experience for users.

 And finally, you’ll want to maximise your PPC campaign performance, focus on growing across ad networks and using all the data you have gathered to source new keyword opportunities.

 We can help set up your long-term plan for success with you assist with your company getting the best results from PPC, earning more leads and sales.