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Using Keyword Research to Help Boost Your PPC Campaigns

Apr 12, 2022
Laura Wheeler 7 min read

Executing your campaigns blindly without any form of research to support them is only setting them out to fail. In the case of PPC campaigns, keyword research is a major player. You’ll need to choose keywords that are connected to your subject when creating an ad on a platform like Google Ads.

Afterwards, the platform will try to show the ad to those who search for or visit a website that contains that keyword. By conducting the right keyword research, you can even send your PPC visitors to a specialised landing page instead of a website to get the most out of your keyword choices.

If you want to know how to effectively conduct keyword research for PPC, there are simple initiatives in the following paragraphs you can follow for your own project.

Determine the Objectives of Your PPC Campaign

You have to pinpoint what you want to achieve with your campaign first before looking up any keyword. Identify your conversion objectives (actions you want visitors to do to progress down the conversion funnel) and your metric goals (the number of clicks or conversions you want to achieve in a certain amount of time).

These goals can assist you in figuring out what your visitors’ search intent is—what they’re looking for when they first click on your ad. Every part of your marketing campaign will look function properly when your keywords, objectives, and visitors’ objectives are all in sync.

Use a Tool to Look for Keywords

You don’t have to keep guessing until you find the appropriate keywords. You can use Ahrefs, Spyfu, Keywords Everywhere, and Google Keyword Planner, among other free and commercial tools, to help you create your keyword list.

You might want to start with Google Keyword Planner because it’s free and widely used.

Analyse Keyword Metrics

Even if they are related to your ad subject, not all keywords are created equal. To determine their usefulness, look at their monthly search volume and cost per click (CPC).

Examine the number of keyword searches performed each month. High-volume keywords provide more exposure for your ads, but they also increase competition.

Keywords with a higher CPC frequently perform well, but they are more expensive. You’ll want to strike the ideal combination of monthly search volume and CPC to maximise clicks while staying within your budget.

Take a Look at What Already Works

While you’re racking your head for PPC keywords, keep in mind that your market already has plenty of ideas. Try using one of the premium tools mentioned above to see what keywords your competitors are using. 

Use Keyword Planner to enter your competitor’s website, filter out their brand name, and snag some keywords. To check which keywords your competitors are employing, WordStream recommends utilising Google AdWords Auction Insights.

Always remember that there’s always the human aspect, no matter how great a keyword performs. When it comes to a location or favourite product, different keywords will work for different people. This is why you may need to design several keyword lists, depending on specific target demographics

Use Your Data to Target Your Audience

After securing your keywords, it’s time to aim them toward the best searches. There are three match types available in Google Ads: broad match, phrase match, and exact match. The default matching option, broad match, focuses advertising on your specific keyword and any similar words.

Phrase match is more focused than broad match because it matches terms in the order you select. “How to eat guacamole,” for example, would return “how to eat guacamole,” but not “what to eat with guacamole.” Finally, exact match will only target queries that are exactly the same as your chosen keywords.


During the course of your campaign, set up a regular timetable for checking your ad costs and monitor and control your PPC spending. You’ll notice patterns when you conduct more ad campaigns, which will help you cut future expenditures.

The idea is to maximise the return on your PPC investment. It’s always a great feeling when you pull off a successful PPC campaign. If you play your cards well, your ads will pay for themselves in terms of conversions.

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