What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Jun 2, 2020
Blam Websites

The rise of the internet means that nearly every company is now online, but this has bought with it the increasing dependence of companies on search engines as a way to direct visitors, clients and users to their websites. A website’s ranking in search results can massively affect the amount of visitors that reach the site, leading to increased or decreased advertising revenue, product sales, and user engagement. It is a basic principle that greater visibility on the web will lead to greater website traffic.

SEO in Action: what are the techniques?

For any website looking to optimise its content for search engines, attention must be paid to what users are most commonly searching, the key terms they use, and the search engine that is most commonly used to reach the site. With this in mind site managers and content writers can build their projects with user demand in mind: emphasising key words, directly addressing commonly searched queries, and augmenting the website’s back end to the preferred search engines of their site visitors.

On-page website content that is often optimised for search engines include body text: specifically written and syntactically arranged to emphasise key words whilst remaining clear and precise. The depth of content’s research, and its links to other popular and reliable websites can also give a boost to rankings in search results. Underneath the surface content of a webpage, metadata such as titles and descriptions are the means by which a website appears in results, and are the first thing a user sees. Concise and clear use of keywords in titles and meta-descriptions will provide a significant boost to search rankings.

Whilst optimising key word usage and keeping metadata and site architecture well managed are popular and recommended forms of website optimisation, there are less reputable forms of search engine optimisation which are deemed by some search engine operators to be undesirable and can be punished. Techniques such as hiding key words, using stolen content, creating spam writing, or pushing key word usage over an acceptable level to the point at which content becomes incomprehensible are all seen as black hat techniques. Any potential gains sought through these techniques can be immediately reverted through penalties from search engines that will remove offending sites from their results.

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